Loans in Spain

Loans in Spain

Loans in Spain explained

Needing a loan is necessarily unavoidable. Home loans are available from most of the banks in Spain. In recent years, the Spanish lenders have curated a number of loans for ex-pats in Spain. Before you understand the different types of loans, you must gain an understanding of the loans in Spain.

List of loan providers in Spain

All these loans providers offer different rates and options for different prices. Comparing the specifications of each loan provider can be time-consuming. Are you wondering which provider offers the best deals or the best options? We have listed the most reliable loan companies below while using the following criteria:

Loans in Spain
      English speaking customer service
      Good payment rates
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      Borrowing Range
      Fast delivery
      Payment Period

Loan Platform


credy logo

Easy loan provide with no small print and clear transparency on costs and security.

      Easy, fast and safe
      Different lines of credit
      No small print
      Free of charge & without obligation
      Personal loans without endorsement and without paperwork.


credit credit logo

Quick and easy loans – will transfer the money within hours when you fulfil the criteria.

      Fast delivery
      Good security and privacy regulations
      Wide range of loans


credit logo

Flexible payment times, higher requirements (demonstrate a minimum income of € 700 per month and not be in Financial Credit Institutions), but low fees.

      Verify online your identity and income
      Responsible credit
      Flexible payment
      ✘  Immediate response


fintonic logo

A simple, effective loan for you. 100% online – No paperwork, no payroll submission, however they charge higher fees then the loan providers above.

      High customer satisfaction
      Higher fees then the ones above
      Flexible payment
      ✘  Low fees

Understanding loans in Spain

The loan contracts and adverts in Spain must reflect two facets together, both the TAE along the TIN. The latter includes the charges, which is the figure which you are ideally looking for.

If an entity offers a personal loan without any interest, you might be overwhelmed to think it is great! However, you must always check the leaflet or the website while ensuring that both the rates of your TAE and TIN areas offered at 0%. The commission, the arrangement fees and the hidden extras are reflected in the rate.

Personal Loans

At work, most of the organizations request an advance on the salary, and that too for no interest. Depending on the tenure of working with your organization, the local policy and more, you might be able to ask for a salary for a few months.

Loan from a bank:
Undoubtedly, this is the best place that you can ask for loans from. If you have acquired a pension or salary regularly, you can acquire a better interest rate. Hence, do not be disheartened with any freebies; instead, they are factored into the TAE rate.

Three F’s:
The three F’s stands for friends, family, and fools. Loans from friends tend to be free, however can often lead to severe trouble. It is usually the right idea to draw a simple contract; even if it is not repaid well, it shows that you are not that sincere about the repayments.

Use a credit card:
You might decide that it is easier to use the free credit card and further pay the instalments back for a lower amount. Hence, ensure that you do the calculations to ensure how much you need to repay.

Speedy loans:
Companies make personal loans with an annual interest rate from 7% to 20%. The companies are usually used by retailers in Spain when you need to finance the purchase. Hence, it is distinct from the companies in Spain and must not be confused with any microcredit company.

Peer-to-peer lending website:
These are not a mainstream affair; however, they do offer an alternative to acquiring the loan. You must check the best options, check the small print and take consideration of the price.

Micro edit companies;
With interest rates as high as 1000%, they are simply not worth considering!

Offer car as collateral:
A number of platforms have appeared which can be sought to seek assistance. If you are interested in getting the one, remember you need to evaluate the options to make the ideal pick.

Home loan

Tips to get home loans in Spain:

Home loans are mostly available from most of the Spanish banks, overseas and offshore banks, foreign banks in Spain. The foreign lenders have ideally arranged a number of mortgages. The amount of loan you can borrow essentially depends on varied factors such as trade, income, and profession.

Irrespective of whether the partner is a working partner or not, the amount tends to vary. The lenders might offer a limit depending on the percentage of the income. Most of the banks offer loans of up to 8 per cent, with the ex-pats or non-residents being able to borrow a maximum of 60 per cent only.

To attain a mortgage from a reputed Spanish bank, you need to offer proof of your monthly income, the significant outgoings. Mortgages obtained without any proof of income is difficult to avail of and does often not exist. Hence, if you need to buy a property to engage in commercial purposes, you need to offer a detailed business plan.

Student loan

You have two distinct types of education loans for you to consider. While you intend to finance your education in Spain, you must look at:

  • Secured loans need you to submit collateral against the loan sought
  • The collateral can either be an immovable property or a fixed deposit.
  • Popular banks such as Bank of Baroda, SBI and more offer collateral education
  • These loans have low processing fees along with low-interest rates

For education loans, it is ideal to acquire a secured loan option for a public sector bank.

Car loan

Now finance your car with the help of top loan offerings in Spain. On the basis of a few criteria, you can easily grab a loan for your dream car. Based on your credit history and income percentage, gaining car loans from eminent banks is no longer a strenuous affair.

Loan calculator

The monthly mortgage can be easily calculated on a capital repayment basis with no interest. There is the only mortgage in the Spanish mortgage market. Using the calculator is beneficial to achieve a quick and easy way of calculating the monthly mortgage payments. All you need to do is to enter the amount, the term over and click on the calculate button.

FAQ about laons in Spain

The eligible amount tends to vary on your income, your credit history and many other factors. If you own good credit history, you might be able to borrow a reasonable amount.

You can apply for loans by getting in touch with the provider you choose. You can get in touch with them on the phone, send an application online or drop a form in the branch.

Different lenders have different eligibility criteria; however, the requirement usually depends on your credit history and personal details.

You can seek a loan for varied purposes, from home to education, to the car and much more.