Dating Sites in Spain

Dating Sites in Spain

Dating sites in Spain

Whether you have just moved to Spain or have been staying for quite a long time, it is important to have a partner. To help you in this context, the dating sites in Spain are of great help. There are a lot of free dating site in Spain that helps people connect with like-minded individuals.This blog below helps people look for a suitable partner with dating sites in Spain.

List of dating sites in Spain

dating service in Spain
      English speaking customer service
      English speaking singles
      Manually checked profiles
      SSL protection
      Platform with broad community

Dating platform


edarlin logo

One of the largest online dating communities in Spain. Great for expats. Comprehensive platform – also for first timers.

      Personality test and online profile
      Couple suggestions
      Personality test
      SSL security
      Tips for creating your online profile


Meetic logo

A dating website for committed singles with detailed profiles. You can easily filter by criteria and geolocation – SSL secure dating site.

      Manually checked profiles
      Find the most committed singles
      Detailed profiles, search by criteria and geolocation
      Intelligent matchmaking
      Personality test
      English speaking customer service


Nextlove logo

Dating site for singel and divorces parents. Great dating app with a high quality dating pool.

      High quality datingpool
      Great for divorced parents
      Personality test
      SSL security
      English speaking singles


ashileymadison Logo

Discreet website if you are looking for an affair or an erotic adventure. Ideal for a non serieus hookup. Great dating site for erotic fans and people looking for a physical connection.

      Casual dating site
      Erotic hookups
      English speaking customer service
      ✘  No manual checked profiles

Different Dating Sites in Spain

The dating site Spain is one of the premium ways in which you can get connected with the opposite gender. Although there are several ways in which people can meet, like bars, nightclubs, and restaurants, nothing comes close to Spain dating.

Indeed, ex-pats and most of the people in the country reside in popular towns; the rise of 5 important dating sites has mitigated the differences of meeting people. What makes the nation different from a lot of European nations is the online dating of Spain and its benefits.

  1. Meetic:

    Meetic is a Spain dating site that was founded in 2001. The site is very popular among the locals and promises people to have luck in finding a reliable partner. All you have to do is sign up and fill in all the details which are needed for your profile. The site has unique features also which include free and premium membership. 

  2. EDarling:

    EDarling is another dating site in Spain that is best for people between the ages of 30 and 40. The site has a simple sign-up process and three membership levels. You can choose free, premium, and premium plus according to your needs to find suitable matches.

  3. Parship:

    Parship site is best when looking for free dating in Spain. The site has four membership levels, including standard, premium lite, premium classic, and premium comfort for users.

  4. Badoo:

    The Badoo app for dating in Spain has over 250 million users, which makes it possible to meet people easily. The membership level of the site depends on how much your subscription charge is.

  5. Tinder:

    Tinder is a simple and straightforward app that is best for casual and serious dating. The app has basic, plus, and gold membership levels and helps users enjoy high-quality profiles to swipe on.

Why Meetic Is The Best Dating Site in Spain?

Founded in 2001, Meetic is considered one of the best dating sites in Spain. The site was based on a French site named Boulogne-Billancourt and is used by many people across the country for both casual and serious dating.

What makes the site different from the rest is that for a user to get full benefits out of it, they need a premium membership. While this is one of the primary criteria to follow, the sign-up process of the site is quite simple.

All users have to do is simply fill out the form about the perfect match so that it will be easy to hunt different profiles. Along with that, add a cool tagline and profile picture to make yourself stand out. For all those who want to locate potential matches, there are two searches advanced and basic search.

While the basic search is best for finding profiles you are compatible with, the advanced search trickles down the possibilities further. Also, if you have found a profile that seems to match your search, then simply send them a wink or flirt.

Features of the site:

The site has unique features such as #loveyourimperfections which is to meet someone new. Apart from this, the membership level of the site is of two types, i.e., free and premium, along with extra features such as incognito mode, boost your profile, and extended communication option.

FAQ about dating sites in Spain

Dating Apps and websites are some of the best ways to find a potential partner in Spain. Even some sites like Meetic, Edarling, and Parship help people to meet a potential match easily.

There are more than one ways in which you can meet people in Spain. However, all these differ from person to person. For example, most people frequent nightclubs, discs but these are not considered places to pick up men and women. But if you are serious about the dating scenario in Spain, then you need to sign up for sites like Meetic and Badoo to find your suitable dates.

While most people will not believe in this, but yes, there are specific ground rules to follow when dating in Spain. These include being late for a date, having a good dressing sense, showering one another with PDA, understanding the body language, and paying the bill (if you are a man).

Expat groups in Spain are one of the popular ways to meet like-minded individuals easily. This is pretty common in bigger cities like Barcelona and Madrid. The groups are a fun and safe way to meet people easily and are designed for those interested in serious dating.