Car Lease in Spain

Car Lease in Spain

Car leasing in Spain

Among varied technological advancements, car leasing has become a kind way to own a brand new car without spending a fortune. Similarly, Spain introduces its car leasing facility in Spain, where leasing a car gets easier with convenient banking opportunities and more.

List of car rental companies in Spain

All these car loan companies offer different rates and options for different prices. Comparing the specifications of each provider can be time-consuming. Are you wondering which provider offers the best deals or the best options? We have listed the most reliable car leasing companies below while using the following criteria:

car leasing in Spain
      English speaking customer service
      Good condition cars
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      Flexible contracts

Car Lease Platform



One of the best rent a car deals & offers. They have more than 100 destinations in Spain alone where you can hire and lease a car – good value for money

      Car hire at the best price with Goldcar
      Without a down payment
      No small print


Driveboo logo

Price comparison site with free cancelations – up to 24 hours before the start of the rental. Rent a car easily online.

      Free cancelation up to 24 hours before the start of the rental
      Rent a car easily and quickly
      Great rates
      Personal and competent advice


Europ car logo

Europcar offers a wide range of rental cars from leading car manufacturers. Choose between small cars, automatic transmissions, environmentally friendly drive technologies or even luxury cars – whatever fits your appetite. Europcar has a lot of locations in Spain.

      English website
      Clear contracts
      Flexible leasing possible
      English speaking customer service

Buying vs. leasing a car

Top essential factors to know about leasing:

Leasing is similar to renting; however, it differs in a few ways. You are renting a car which can be bought after a specific time period. The leasing contracts tend to last for a minimum of two years. Once the period is over, the contract holder comprises three distinct options:

  • To purchase the car while paying the rest of the amount owed
  • To have the rental contract renewed
  • To give the car back without buying it
  • The costs of leasing can be deducted
  • The client needs to cover the costs such as taxes, insurance, and maintenance
  • The contract needs to be signed with the help of a bank

Factors to know before buying a car in Spain:

Renting a car is from 36 months onwards and even for full years, the usual being 36/48/60 months

The campaign prices cannot be altered, including the equipment or the colors. This is because they are a significant part of the big package which has been bought by the financier.

The delivery time period takes around eight weeks since the signing is done of the rental contract. This is because the car needs to be purchased, registered, insured, received, and transported to the destination as indicated by a customer. Usually, the car is delivered to the primary dealer of the brand, situated closest to the home of the customer.

As far as the a la carte rentals are considered, you can easily modify anything as per your choice. Such include the engine, the color, the wheels, the equipment, and much more. However, doing these is usually a bit more expensive as there is no discount available for volume purchases.

The time of delivery is usually short. This is true for when the car is available at a dealership of a similar brand or even longer when it needs to be manufactured.

Top services included in car renting:

  • Comprehensive maintenance covered
  • Fuel car is included
  • Appointment is included
  • Includes 24-hour customer service
  • Delivery and collection service is included
  • Includes windscreen breakage
  • Includes road tax
  • Limited tire change
  • Includes roadside assistance
  • Includes fuel card
  • Includes sanction management

Apart from these services, there are a few more which you can explore in detail.

Benefits of Leasing a Car in Spain:

  • It does not require a huge down payment
  • Offers brand new cars
  • Includes serving
  • Tax benefits offered for self-employed individuals and for companies
  • Does not need for ITV trips
  • A wide array of vehicles can be accessed, from a Tesla to a Porsche
  • It does not require any excessive amount of insurance
  • A number of Spanish solutions help to do all the paperwork for you

By now, when you are compliant with all these benefits, you must be all geared to sign up and register. However, before you do so, you must be aware of the documentation required to apply:

  • CIF of the company
  • The deed of incorporation, if it has been established for anything less than six months
  • Quarters VAT current year
  • Last corporate tax or any kind of official account presented with the help of CSV
  • Document 347, which is the annual information declaration of the operations
  • Document of real ownership
  • Power of attorney which is beneficial to leasing the personal property, if the signatory is the Managing Director of a company or the Administrator
  • The VAT summary of the last year
  • Document of real ownership


  • The driving license
  • The bank receipt reflecting the IBAN along with the holder
  • ID card of the spouse and the holder
  • Report of working life, although it is optional
  • Bank receipt which shows the IBAN along with the holder
  • Last paycheck
  • The IT report of the last financial year comprising the CSV along with that of your spouse, if you are married in a community of property


  • Census registration
  • Quarters VAT of the present year
  • Summary of VAT of the bygone year
  • The bank receipt reflecting the IBAN along with the holder

FAQ about car leasing in Spain

No, you cannot buy the car; instead, you must return it to the provider as part of the agreement you signed upon. There is no option to buy a car.

You might not be able to end the agreement anytime before the estimated date. However, it is essential to know that there might be penalties involved if you return the car anytime early.

No, you do not own it. The name might appear on the registration document; however, the car still does not become your property, rather is of the owner’s.

Over the passage of time, car leasing has outgrown in its popularity, with more and more cars making their advent in the real scenario. Irrespective of whether you need an SUV for the family, a top-rated vehicle for a quiet trip with your family, or a caravan for the entire locality, leasing a car offers you superior flexibility to attain the dream car for your lifestyle.

With lifestyle ever-evolving, leasing the car offers an added flexibility to get a new car every three years or so. Hence, you can adjust it to the current lifestyle needs both for now and for the future.

Yes, you must, as it covers the scheduled servicing, replacements, repairs, and MOTs. Furthermore, it offers an added peace of mind.