Best online brokers in Spain

Best online brokers in Spain

How to choose a broker in Spain

Due to the intense competition among internet brokers, prices are decreasing, and services are increasing. But because there is such a high demand for online brokers, more new businesses are entering the market to benefit from the rise in individual investors. Finding a broker who is a good fit for investors may become difficult.



Largest broker platform. Offers stock transactions at cheap costs and a DEGIRO and has commission-free ETFs. The platform can be difficult to comprehend for first-time investors. Investing involves risk of loss.

      ETFs and idividual stock
      Award wining stock broker
      Low costs


Etoro logo

Social trading availbe. Platform that enables you to invest and trade in different stocks and ETFs. Knowledge of investing is needed. If you arleady have some knowledge they offer great solutions with their social trading options.

      English platform
      Social trading available.
      Low cost broker service
      ✘  Can be difficult to understand for first time investors.


buxzero logo

Invest commission-free in shares, crypto and ETFs – App only. Easy for first time investors.

      ETFs, Crypto and shares available. Only app version is available (no desktop).
      Great reviews
      Relatively low cost
      ✘  App only (no desktop version available)


Trade republiclogo

Trade Republic Bank is a German investment firm where you can invest in stocks, ETFs, crypto & derivatives

      English platform available.
      Wide range of investment options (CDF’s/Shares/ETFs)
      Good for experienced investors
      ✘  Hard to understand for new investors

Choosing the best online brokers in Spain

There are many things to think about; ultimately, it will likely come down to personal priorities. For a cutting-edge platform, some investors are willing to pay greater trade commissions, while others place a higher priority on expenses. You must provide some information on your investing goals before looking through internet brokers. Do you want to put money aside for your retirement? Are options trading or more complex investing strategies more appealing to you? Do you intend to buy a few different stocks?Let us explore more on how to choose a broker in Spain.

You can begin comparing brokers once you are aware of the types of investments you are interested in based on a few criteria, such as:

  • Commissions.
  • Reliability.
  • Account minimal.
  • Account charges
  • Pricing and performance.
  • tools, knowledge, and features
  • Promotions

Commissions on the investments

The investment options brokers typically provide individual stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and bonds. Some will also provide access to marketplaces for futures, cryptocurrency, and foreign exchange trading. You must check out the leading investing platforms to choose the best broker.

Your investment needs will be addressed and the amount of commission you will pay depend on the broker’s investments. As a result, pay close attention to the commissions associated with your chosen investments:

Individual stocks: Per trade or per share, some brokers still charge a commission when buying and selling individual equities. The vast majority of online brokers do not, however, now charge commission. View all of the top brokers for trading stocks.

Mutual funds: To purchase mutual funds, some brokers charge a fee. By choosing a broker that offers no-transaction-fee mutual funds, you can reduce or eliminate the charges associated with trading mutual funds.

ETFs: If the broker charges stock transaction commissions, ETFs are typically liable to them because they are purchased for a share price and traded like stocks. But many brokers provide a list of ETFs that are commission-free. So if you intend to invest in ETFs, you should opt for one of these brokers. The top brokers for ETF investors are shown below.

Costs and fees

You probably have financial constraints if you’re under 30. Although trade execution fees are significant, you also need to consider other brokerage expenses. Making the most of your investment dollars requires knowing any fees and additional costs that may apply to you. Here are some expenses to think about:

Minimums: most brokers want a certain amount of money to open an account. Online brokers offer the lowest minimums, which normally range from $500 to $1,000. Explore the best investing apps to choose the best broker.

Margin accounts: although a novice investor may want to wait to open one, it is something to keep in mind. The minimum balance requirements for margin accounts are typically greater than those for regular brokerage accounts. Check the interest rate your broker charges you when you trade as well.

Withdrawal fees: some brokers have fees associated with withdrawals, or they will only let you withdraw if it brings your balance below a certain level. Conversely, some permit you to write checks against your account, though they sometimes have a high minimum balance requirement. Make sure you know the regulations governing the withdrawal of funds from an account.

Questions to ask your broker:

  • Ask your broker the following questions before you begin, in addition to particular discussions about your objectives, risk tolerance, and individual investments:
  • What additional fees—transaction fees, account maintenance fees, etc.—do you or your company impose?
  • How do you get paid? Commissions, fees, or a mix of the two?
  • Will my account be accessible online?
  • How frequently will I get statements?
  • How often will you evaluate my investment strategy and portfolio?
  • Are any of the businesses whose investment products you could promote affiliated with you or your business?


Investing always involves risks. Know that you could lose (a part of) your invested money.